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Senior Transportation Assistance: Caregivers with a Car

For many people, having access to a car is a source of independence and freedom, especially in cities where public transportation is not easily accessible. As we get older, however, driving a car can be dangerous; failing eyesight and cataracts can make it challenging to see clearly at night, certain medications can slow reaction time, and some health conditions make it physically impossible to operate a vehicle. Transportation for seniors can become a real problem.

Losing access to a car is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be debilitating for the elder or the family caregiver. Thanks to technological advancements over the past decade, ride-sharing apps can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, making it easy for seniors to request transportation at their convenience. But what happens when your loved one requires transportation to a doctor’s appointment that you’re unable to attend? Or when they need to go grocery shopping and prefer to have a car readily available? Arranging for them to have care at home by a caregiver with a car solves several problems with one solution.

Setting Expectations for Senior Transportation Aid

Like any new relationship or partnership, there are boundaries and ground rules that have to be determined to prevent breakdowns in communication. Maureen Tyra, Director of Careplanning for Tandem, has helped to put some of those ground rules in place for us. Here’s what you should know before hiring a caregiver with a car for a senior or loved one:

  • Ask if there is a limited distance that the caregiver is allowed to drive. Some caregivers or caregiving agencies that provide senior care services have a limit to the radius in which a caregiver can drive a client. Tandem is not one of them. “If transportation is needed, we try to establish the distance from the client’s house to wherever they need to go–like doctor’s appointment, grocery store, hospital, etc.–beforehand, if possible,” says Maureen. “This helps us to better match clients with caregivers. We include whether or not transportation is a care service that’s needed and how far it would be to get to the necessary places, which ensures that caregivers who don’t mind being in the car or driving certain distances will end up matching with the client.”
  • Decide whose car will be used in advance. When both a caregiver and a client have their own vehicle, it helps to figure out which car will be the one designated for client transportation before there’s a need to get behind the wheel. “We ask both clients and caregivers about which vehicle they would rather drive, or have driven if transportation is a requirement,” says Maureen.
  • Have a conversation about mileage and gas. With gas prices constantly fluctuating, it can be hard for caregivers to gauge their added expenses when transportation is factored in for a client. Here in California, caregivers actually must be reimbursed for mileage if they are using their own car. 

Tandem aims to take care of all of these details before matching clients with caregivers. “We try to be as thorough as possible in our care matching process, and we allow both caregivers and care seekers to include notes about their comfort level regarding transportation,” says Maureen.

Senior Care Services: Senior Transportation and Companion Care

Many people think that hiring home help for the elderly is limited to those with chronic illness, limited mobility, or cognitive decline. The truth about in-home caregiving, however, is that it can be whatever you and your loved ones need it to be. It doesn’t have to be a full-time commitment; you can schedule as many hours as you see fit. Your loved one doesn’t have to be ill to benefit from a caregiver; you can hire someone for companion care to keep your loved one company and help tidy up the house. 

With Tandem, you have access to all of the senior care services that your loved one needs, including transportation for seniors. Tandem can find the perfect match for your care needs. Call us at 1-800-370-3377 to speak with one of our Senior Care Specialists about setting up care with a car for your loved one.

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