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Hiring A Caregiver Isn’t All or Nothing

It would be great if someone handed you a guidebook on the day you start caring for an aging loved one. It could help you with all the things you stress about when it comes to making the right decisions: Should I let Mom stay at home as she prefers, or should I look into assisted living options? When is it time to tell Dad to stop driving? Should I bring in a private caregiver to help us?

While there is no right answer to any of these questions, Tandem Careplanning can help you figure out the caregiving piece. We have experts on hand to help you identify your caregiving needs, provide you with support, and troubleshoot any issues that might arise in the process. Many family caregivers are hesitant to move forward with hiring care at home for their aging loved one, however, a caregiver isn’t an all or nothing experience. Hiring a private caregiver is a very personal journey, and should absolutely be tailored to the specific needs of an individual.

Try Companion Care To Get Started

For those who are unsure about whether or not their loved one even needs care, consider this: studies have shown that isolation and loneliness in older adults pose multiple health risks, including cognitive decline, depression and heart disease. Time Magazine recently reported that one in three American seniors is lonely, making it a growing public health concern. And it’s not just seniors who live alone; the article cited a poll that “found that seniors who lived with children were more likely to report a lack of companionship than those who didn’t.”

Companion care is a great way to combat loneliness and isolation because the caregiver is able to forge a friendship with your loved one. Whether doing a crossword together, watching favorite TV shows, taking walks around the neighborhood, or just talking about life, having companion care just a few days a week can boost the morale–and overall health–of your loved one.

Help With Housework and Occasional Care

In addition to companion care, a private caregiver can also help your loved one with light housework, meal preparation, medication reminders, and any care needs that might arise while they are on the job. Caregivers can help with personal care, such as dressing, or bathing, while also encouraging and assisting with mobility, promoting overall fitness and helping to prevent deadly infections, like pneumonia.

Whether just twice a week, four hours everyday, or around the clock care, having a caregiver provide more care for your loved one will provide you with more peace of mind and your loved one with more comfort. Providing loved ones with care at home has also been shown to have better health outcomes for those living with chronic illnesses such as COPD, diabetes, or pneumonia.

Transportation And Regular Care At Home

If your loved one no longer has access to a car but still has transportation needs, having a private caregiver drive them to their medical appointments or help them run errands can still help them feel independent. Caregivers with a car can take pressure off of you, as the family caregiver, to make it to every doctor’s appointment or remember to pick up their dry cleaning after a long day of work. Additionally, having a regular caregiver for your loved one can be hugely beneficial should a medical emergency arise, as you would already have a plan in place for recuperation and recovery after a hospital stay. 

Having consistent professional care at home can provide you, as the family caregiver, with an extra set of eyes and ears in your loved one’s home who can pay attention for potentially worsening symptoms. By recognizing health issues as they arise, you can take action to plan an early intervention in order to mitigate any negative side effects down the road. Hiring a private caregiver is a way to proactively prevent health problems and ensure that your loved one is able to remain in their home for as long as possible.

Tandem Will Create A Custom Care Plan For You

No matter what your loved one needs when it comes to extra care at home, Tandem will be able to create a customized Care Plan for your loved one, which can evolve as their needs change. If you’re unsure about your loved one’s needs, consider starting them off with companion care a few times a week to ease them into the new arrangement and see if it’s a good fit for your family. It’s always better to be proactive about the future, than be forced to be reactive in a crisis. Call one of our Senior Care Specialists today to get started.

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