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Tandem Careplanning: Our Novel Approach to In-Home Care

I am thrilled to announce the introduction of Tandem Careplanning, a public benefit corporation. Our mission is to elevate the caregiving journey for clients and caregiving professionals to ensure in-home care is accessible, transparent, and continuous.

This company was created out of frustrations my wife, Lisa Greer, and I experienced with the caregiving process when we searched for professional support for our aging parents. Traditional options felt entirely transactional – most agencies treated us like a sales opportunity, focusing on our short-term needs rather than the personalized care that our parents needed. We found that navigating home care options and procedures was burdensome and stressful. We felt the weight of the challenges with the system and were determined to seek out a solution so no one else would have to face the difficulties we did.

I have worked for decades finding ways to use technology to solve challenges and dramatically improve output and processing in multiple industries. Given my past experiences, I knew by digging into the system, picking it apart, and rebuilding, we could find a better way to help people navigate home care. We founded Tandem Careplanning as a new type of solution where highly experienced experts work in tandem with clients and caregivers. As a company, we are focused not on caregiving alone but careplanning: taking a step beyond to be your partner in planning for the inevitable while also being your guide through the unexpected times of need.

We spent years gaining an in-depth understanding of the needs of both caregivers and clients in the caregiving relationship. We vetted numerous processes and technologies to address the challenges and perfected our platform to ultimately, build a solution that we believe improves the caregiving experience for everyone involved.

We also realized the importance of valuing every caregiver and the people they serve as if they were family. We rigorously vet and train our caregivers to nurture long-term career success and ever-increasing quality of care. We work closely with care seekers to build a hand-selected team of caregivers for every individual, and our dedicated Tandem Care Team offers 24-hour support to seamlessly connect families and caregivers to experts who can provide actionable advice.

With the right level of support, caregiving can and should be a rewarding experience for everyone involved. As the need for reliable home care increases in conjunction with the increase in average age of the population, Tandem Careplanning is committed to restoring trust in the home care system for those who need and those who give care. We founded Tandem Careplanning as a public benefit corporation with that idea in mind. The value of our company is measured in part by the positive impact we make in every component of how we conduct our business. Careplanning is not about the bottom line, it is about the people we care for.   

I hope you will join me on this journey. Today, we offer our services throughout Southern California where the need for game-changing caregiving solutions is strongest. We recognize the need for better in-home care nation-wide, and we believe that Tandem Careplanning is leading the way in showing the in-home care industry a new way of thinking about caregiving.

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