Everyone has a preference for where they age.

For many, aging at home is most enjoyable and allows them to continue doing the things they love.


Choosing in-home care may be the best way to keep you or your loved one comfortable, independent, and in the best mental and physical health possible. Tandem Careplanning can help guide you through the process of finding and managing suitable caregivers to meet your family’s evolving needs.

Tandem’s mission is to connect your family with a professional team of caregivers who can provide senior home care in Southern California. We assist you through the hiring process for senior in-home care and help manage the relationship with clarity and transparency. Our accessible Care Team supports you 24/7 to make sure that your caregiver is an ideal fit for your family’s needs and to ensure that you have stable care as your needs evolve.

What Type of Senior Home Care Does Your Family Need?

You or your family member’s needs are unique and may require one or a combination of different types of care. Tandem helps to identify what services you need and how they will integrate with your existing support systems. All of this achieved while still leaving room for you or your loved one to pick a caregiver with whom they can build a personal relationship.

Personal Home Care

Activities of daily living (ADLs), like cooking, personal hygiene, and running errands may become difficult for you or your aging loved one. Tandem caregivers can play a vital role in helping with these everyday tasks.

Companion Care

Emotional support and a strong social network are vital for quality of life. Seniors often experience social isolation. By developing companionship and connection with you or your loved one, Tandem's caregivers help combat the negative effects of isolation.

Respite Care

Being the primary caregiver for a parent or loved one is incredibly rewarding and can be tiring at the same time. You spend your time thinking about the needs of another person, not your own. Respite care means taking time – perhaps one day per week – for you to recharge.

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