The beauty of in-home care is that it can be uniquely tailored to individual needs at a given point in time. For some, the support they need is continuous, around-the-clock care.

Often, care needs increase at night. You or your loved one may need help going to the bathroom or safely moving about in the dark. Those living with neurological disorders, like dementia or Parkinson’s disease, commonly have symptoms worsen in the late evening.

Whatever the circumstances, it can feel overwhelming trying to hire and manage a full staff of caregivers. Are they all going to be reliable and professional? How do they communicate to ensure medications aren’t given twice and important information is shared? With its dedicated Care Team, Tandem Careplanning can help you seamlessly coordinate a full schedule of caregivers, which you can hand-chose from our network of highly-vetted professionals.


Tandem’s Around-the-Clock Home Care

To provide 24-hour senior care, specialty or post-surgical care, we help you find a team of three or more caregivers that perfectly sync with your family’s needs. This gives you or your loved one flexibility and continuity, while gifting the wider family peace of mind, knowing there is always an attentive caregiver present, even in the middle of the night. Our caregivers can work 8-12 hour shifts and exchange important information to provide a seamless transition.

Tandem manages all the caregivers involved with providing care to you or your loved one. If one of your caregivers is unavailable, we help to find another to fill the gap. Having multiple caregivers familiar with you or your loved one means your family can feel comfortable at all times. It also minimizes any potential disruption between daily and nightly routines. Your care team can help manage medications, monitor medical conditions, aid with everyday activities, and provide companionship whenever your family needs it. All the while, our Tandem platform and Care Team ensure the knowledge of each shift is passed on to the next caregiver, so there’s no duplicated efforts and nothing falls through the gaps.


How Our Caregivers Help Your Family

With around-the-clock care, your caregivers can tend to you and your family’s unique needs, whether it’s noon or midnight. Our specialized Care Team works with you and your caregivers to help find an ideal fit for the type of care you need.


Personal Home Care

Whether it's preparing breakfast or helping you or your loved one go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, Tandem’s caregivers can help with a number of daily household tasks, chores, and activities.

Companion Care

Many seniors, or anyone recovering from surgery or an illness, struggle with social isolation, which can negatively affect physical and mental health. Tandem’s caregivers can offer emotional support in difficult times.

Respite Care

If you are the primary caregiver for your loved one, you know the job can be all-consuming and exhausting. Respite care with one of Tandem’s caregivers can give you some valuable time for exercise, social support, or quiet solitude.

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