Senior companion care services are a great way to combat social isolation, a common issue for seniors and one that can negatively impact physical and mental health. The support of friends, family, and Tandem’s kind-hearted and carefully vetted caregivers can make coping with the challenges of growing older and performing everyday tasks a little bit easier and more joyful.

What Does Companionship Mean?

Forming close connections with others is important for everyone. It’s a key ingredient for helping you and your loved one thrive and stay enthusiastic about life as they age. Tandem Careplanning believes caregiver relationships built on trust and companionship are a fantastic way to bring joy to both groups. That’s why we emphasize choice and a personal connection when you or your loved one interview different caregivers in our network.


Senior companion care isn’t always about a two-way conversation. For those who live alone, having a caregiver that listens without judgment can be all the support that’s needed on a given day, to validate how they’re feeling.

Common Ground

Discovering shared interests can form an instant connection between your family and your caregivers. Senior companion care can help form connections over music, sports, and more.


You or your family may need a positive influence as you or your loved one grows older. Depression and isolation can have a negative impact on quality of life. Companion care services can offer a positive, encouraging presence in your family’s life.

Companion Care Services with Tandem

Tandem helps your family find empathetic caregivers who are a natural fit with you and/or your loved one. We connect you with a network of caregivers so you can choose individuals that you truly want to spend time with and have in your home. Our focus on finding an ideal fit helps foster a close companionship. Through continuous care and companionship, our caregivers provide emotional support and advocacy to make sure you and your family are doing what’s best for you and your loved one.

Along with more traditional caregiving services, Tandem caregivers can also:

Plan social activities with family and friends
Encourage social engagement by writing letters or email
Track health status and progress
Engage in activities that inspire joy, such as doing art, listening to music, etc.
Provide supportive conversation and friendly discussion
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