After an illness, injury, or surgery, short-term home care can help you or a loved one confidently transition out of the hospital with the support they need.

It may sound obvious, but the need for short-term assistance is often overlooked. When an important health-related event is happening, we tend to focus on medical care and not recovery. However, it’s important to note that there can be an increased risk of adverse events from prescribed medicine or falling when the individual readjusts to life at home. A caregiver can help alleviate this risk, while providing companionship and support with everyday tasks.

Tandem Careplanning helps you find continuous and accessible home care for the days, weeks, or months, as your family heals and recovers.

Adverse Event or After Surgery Home Care

Whether it’s a scheduled surgery or an unwelcome surprise, a short-term medical event typically comes with a variety of limitations and specific directions from a physician. As the recovery phase begins, you or your loved one might experience a number of new and unique needs, such as:

Hospital discharge care instructions
Prescription pickups
Meal preparation and other activities of daily living (ADLs)
Transportation to and from physical therapy or follow-up appointments
Finding the Right Fit
Medication reminders
Managing daily schedule

Tandem’s Short-term and Urgent Home Care

Everyone’s recovery is different. Tandem Careplanning connects the recuperating family member with caregivers who can provide personal, customized assistance for your specific needs. For unexpected surgeries or illnesses, Tandem can help you find home care in as little as 48 hours.

Our caregivers can provide a number of services including wound care, recovery tracking, and medication administration. They can also communicate progress to other medical professionals and keep an eye out for any changes in health conditions, helping to avoid more serious adverse events and hospital readmissions.

Our caregivers also offer a suite of non-medical home care services:

Personal Home Care

Surgery or illnesses can quickly change your day- to-day schedule and limit what you are capable of doing around the home. Activities like cooking, driving a car, or even brushing your teeth can become difficult tasks. Tandem Careplanning can connect you with caregivers that can help with your ADLs.

Companion Care

Unexpected health problems can cause disruption to you or your loved one’s schedules and lead to social isolation from other family and friends. But social support and companionship is an essential part or recovery. Our caregivers can provide continuous companionship and compassion during the healing process.

Respite Care

The difficulties of dealing with sudden medical problems can ripple through your family and friends as you figure out who can fill in as a temporary or primary caregiver. Tandem helps connect you to professional caregivers who can provide support on specific days, allowing you or your support team time to recharge.

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