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Find out why Tandem Careplanning is the right in-home care agency to care for you and your loved ones.
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The Tandem Difference

Finding and introducing a professional caregiver into your family can be emotionally, logistically, and financially stressful – particularly if you’re navigating the field alone. The good news: You no longer have to look for an in-home caregiver alone. The team at Tandem is with you from day one, making sure you and your loved ones are always taken care of. 

When our founders were looking at agencies to take care of a loved one, they encountered drawbacks, which inspired them to create a better home care experience for all. Here are some of the ways Tandem improves on the traditional in-home care agency model:

While many agencies assign you a caregiver based on availability, our process is all about choice and finding a great personality fit. We look for passionate caregivers during our interview process so we can offer a range of great options.  We also encourage all our clients to interview their caregivers ahead of time, ensuring a positive experience from day one.

Serving our clients and their loved ones is the cornerstone of our company. We approach each interaction with empathy and expertise. Our in-house care team has experts who can guide you while our professional caregivers provide the in-home care and support you need to thrive.

Some senior home care agencies leave little room for customization. The Tandem Team will walk you through our detailed intake process, evaluating your needs so we can create a unique Care Plan for you. Whatever your care needs may be (companionship, in-home care, or short–term care), the team at Tandem is committed to helping you find a solution that works.

Many care providers don’t allow for a part-time schedule or variation over time. We do. You can schedule one four-hour shift per week or around the clock care, depending on what you need. Care also be arranged for a limited time (e.g. as you recover from surgery).

tandem careplanning testimonial

I was nervous about hiring a caregiver to help with my recovery after surgery. Brittany, my Senior Care Specialist at Tandem, was so helpful and patient. My caregiver worked with me to understand my doctor’s instructions and help me recover. I don’t have enough good words to describe how happy I am with this organization!

Cindy R.

Tandem Client

Thinking About Costs

Your caregiving relationship will thrive if the caregiver is engaged, connected, and feels valued. So, along with serving families in need of support, we work tirelessly behind the scenes to foster positive company culture and to advocate for our caregiving team. For information about our pricing, visit our pricing and logistics page.

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