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Finding and introducing a professional caregiver into your family system can be an emotionally, logistically and financially jarring experience. It's not something you typically plan for. More often than not, it comes on the heels of receiving upsetting news that leaves you feeling very overwhelmed.

Our mission here at Tandem is to make the whole process as comforting and reassuring as possible for everyone involved, all along the way.

Our comprehensive online tools and concierge-level support team are all oriented to provide the most supportive and personalized experience possible, keeping your particular circumstances and needs our top priority.

We believe that dignity, empathy and trust should anchor all aspects of the caregiving process. This is true for everyone involved: the person seeking care, the caregiver, the loved ones hiring and managing the caregiver, and others who have a vested interest in the well-being of the person being cared for.

How to Join

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We’ve worked hard to make the caregiving process transparent, timely, and personal, so you can save your energy for the big decisions, like which of our caregivers you think would be a fantastic fit. 

Our caregivers all have personal profiles with information on location, skill sets, personality traits, and experience. You will select a primary caregiver and a team of backups who can fill in as needed. This guarantees continuous care, over months and years.

Transparent Pricing

Tandem caregivers set their own hourly rates. On average, rates are:





Tandem caregivers set their own rates, shown on their individual profile page. Your caregiver is paid his/her hourly rate and we charge you a service fee of 20%. For example, if you pay your caregiver $15/hr, your total estimated cost with taxes and our fee ($3/hr) is $19.76/hr.
The IRS classifies private caregivers as household employees. Tandem provides integrated tools for payroll management, including automatically making payroll tax deposits and filing all tax paperwork.
Household employers are required to provide employees with contact information for the employer's workers' compensation insurance carrier. In many cases, workers' compensation is either already included or can be easily and inexpensively added to your homeowners' insurance policy. If you don't have a policy or aren't sure, call and we'll be happy to help!

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